Leadership and personal growth opportunity

Starting a company takes time and patience, at times, I feel I have little of either. I have joined a small group of leaders here in the Dayton area to build the region as a place for small businesses to thrive. We are offering mentoring and assisting one another to grow as leaders and business partners.

It is easy to take advantage of our own fortunate situations in life, forgetting those who are struggeling to put food on the table. We cannot help those who are not willing to help themselves, however, if one is willing to put forth the effort, we are puting in the extra effort to make them successful in whatever they attempt.

I encourage anyone in the area to stop by Eclipse on Wilmington Pike, Wednesday mornings at 7 am. We drink coffee, share stories, and offer a hand up in the world. Finding the right connections to take your idea or business to the next level is a goal of every member in our group. We are not just a tech group, nor do we focus on any industry. Members are artists, motivational speakers, HVAC owners, Tech Start-up owners, managers, and we even have our very own pastor!

I have not always been the positive role model for future generations, however, this group has proven to me that the best way to grow as a person and a business owner is to share my time and knowledge with others. In the last couple weeks, I have found a new market to target for my software, which I had completely overlooked. I don’t want anyone else to miss out on this opportunity. It is free to attend, there is no long term commitment, we are not selling anything. Just sharing knowledge and ideas to help everyone in the group grow as leaders.

Please consider joining us for a morning session. If it is not your cup of tea, at least you will have a few more people cheering you on with your future endeavors (which never hurts). Who knows, it could be the missing link you have overlooked to take your company and life to the next level.


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