Numerous ideologies of project management

Numerous ideologies of project management have been the same since the 1970s. Just like everything from that era, there have been some updates over the ages; however, the rudimentary principles are the same. You may know that deadlines and returns on investment have been a growing problem for quite some time.

If you ask your parents or grandparents, they likely experienced the same issues in their day. Why has nobody resolved the issues in the flawed methods of project management? This may come as a surprise to you, although it is not the project management process to blame. Even if you follow the S.M.A.R.T. methodology, and fully implement Kaizen across your organization, you will miss deadlines and your profitability will suffer.

This ought not to be the case. Your company continues to miss deadlines or leave money on the table without reason. A recent poll study shows 70% of all projects suffer delays due to communication issues. Why is the number so high? People fail to check voicemail in addition to respond to emails in a reasonable amount of time.

There is a simple solution to the problem. Virtual Project Collaboration software through will not only track all communication as well as documents but also features chat, task management, milestones, calendars, and everything else your company needs to keep your projects moving and on budget. You can even try it out on a single project with ten users free for 90 DAYS! No credit card requirements or annoying spam emails. In addition, all of your project data goes through the latest encryption before delivery to the cloud network.


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