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Mobile project collaboration

As days pass, less and less people are working from laptops and desktop computers. Nearly 50% of my traffic is from cell phones and tablets. This was different from what I expected. I was sure there would be mobile users but I did not anticipate half of all of my traffic to be mobile.

I am rethinking some design decisions that were made in the initial development. Hover buttons that are invisible, until hovered over are quite worthless in the mobile world. I have already addressed those glaring over sites in the development. Now I am beginning to focus on speed for mobile users. 2tasks is already faster than the competition in this area, however, there is still room for improvement.

I have also been in touch with an app owner that I am looking to partner with to add IOS to the mobile project management offering from 2tasks. There will be new landing pages with easier “call to action” coming this week. This blog may find a new home soon as well to improve the SEO on my domain instead of the generic WordPress domain.

It is a busy time of year, follow this blog for all of the latest happenings. Keep the suggestions for 2tasks coming. I have added over 200 hours of development from suggestions on this blog alone! I truly have the greatest followers on the net.


Does SEO Matter?

If you do a quick Google search you will find everyone ranting about how SEO is so important to your website. Will being at the top of a search on the web equate to more customers? I find that many of the keywords I search today still bring up irrelevant websites for what I am looking to find. Not once did I check out their site and feel inspired to purchase anything. Sure there are people who do it effectively and land customers or it would not be such a huge industry. I find it is more effective to clearly provide relevant content on my pages and not just a bunch of SEO terms to get what I refer to as “empty hits”. An Empty Hit is nothing more than a person who surfs to your site and leaves in three seconds or less as it was not what they were lead to believe you had to offer.

The internet has and will be a consumers market. Even this blog is a consumer product. I offer you viewpoints and facts that you can use to form your own opinion on whichever topic is at hand. So it is no necessary for me or any contributor to mislead search engines for the sake of getting more hits.

Not all SEO is bad. You will notice I use phrases that may be used in a Google search as the title of my daily blog. This does help in SEO. I also include relevant pictures as they are not only aesthetically pleasing, they also are a help in search criteria as the names of the files and the alt tags also increase your search ability on the web. But I will never set titles to just get clicks, or post thousands of links around the web just to have bragging rights on the number of Empty Hits I receive in a month.

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