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Virtual Teams that Work

Communication can take form in many ways, when it comes to project management. One can share documents  and distribute them in global teams. Send Emails in a moments notice, while on the phone with a client. Text messages, tweets and Facebook posts are all becoming a daily chore for workers, not just those in the media any longer. Fast collaboration, which leads to lazy communication.

How does a team keep these forms of communication from taking on a life of their own and wasting more time, than keeping a project moving? The answer is to keep the focus of the group in a single system that offers all the advantages of the aforementioned solutions. Some of the options listed above are poor choices for business communication. Texting is a useful tool for a quick reminder, however, some users try to use it as a communication tool to give instruction to a teammate. This is a bad practice and typically leads to confusion and more wasted time in lengthy exchanges. Tweets and Facebook are great to tell the public of an event, or general advertising but also are not necessarily beneficial to teamwork and lead to wasted time pulling attention from work activities toward the social and family life of the users.

With a user can share documents with teammates and customers, they are notified by email of a new document on a given project. They can edit the document, or comment on the upload as well. With this communication tied to the specific document within the project, there is no trying to figure out what the communication is relating to. The chat sessions are an easy option for members of a team to quickly communicate while the focus is solely on a given project. They are not distracted by outside forces like a sms message to their phone, where you are competing for the teammates attention with their high score in Angry Birds.

With a free 60 day trial, you can try out this new technology that is changing the way businesses get things done. Just create an account in 30 seconds, and start your new project in two minutes with up to 10 team members. Start your free trial today!


Virtual Project Collaboration

Eric Stacy

Virtual project collaboration is a growing industry in the United States and around the world as more companies are utilizing the traditional less often than any other time in history. Teams  around the world and workers need a way to collaborate with one another and their customers. Small companies are finding it easier to compete with larger firms by leveraging tasks with lower overhead and a diverse workforce.

This trend not only increases the job market in remote cities, but also gives employees the freedom to work from anywhere they want. Not being limited to a cubical in an office setting, younger employees now travel while they work, or raise families without missing out on important family functions.

As with any change to a company’s culture, management still needs to feel they have control of projects assigned to people and/or teams. This is now done in Virtual Project Collaboration software. Teams can attach documents, images, source code, etc. all in an easy to use online offering free, or with a low monthly cost. Outside of document retention, chat, task lists (to-do list), and time stamped history, managers have all they need to manage projects successfully.

There is no need to spin up a server, do maintenance, conduct backups, or any other form of IT tasks. Being cloud based, the data is available to you and your team 24x7x365 with full redundancy and secured is a way that is parallel to that of the large banks.

For a free trial, follow this link over to and check it out. There is no need to enter credit card or personal information to start a project in two minutes that is free for 60 days. If you decide it is not a fit for you or your organization, simply don’t upgrade and there will be no billing. You are free from spam as well, as your email address will never be sold or shared with any third-party.

Let us know what you think of the product and if we can help, we will even add your requests to the next release.

The Power of Persistence.

Why do projects fail?

There are several reasons projects fail. The most common reason being a lack of communication amongst team members. Just like any relationship, with a lack of communication people tend to start going in seperate directions. Once this starts in a project, it is hard to reverse. Then the project takes longer than planned, goes over budget and often under delivers in performance.

There are ways to prevent this from happening. The use of traditional project management software will help maintain goals and deadlines, however, it does nothing for effective communication. This is where a new breed of software is coming into play. Project Collaboration software is a fast growing industry. It is easy to use and very affordabe for small and large companies alike.

This is where 2tasks thrives. The online software is written to imitate a social network. This makes it easy for people to adapt to the format and employees are willing to use it on a regular basis. Managers no longer have to force associates to update projects. Tasks are now as seen as a simple update which reminds them of their off hours online.

If you have not done so already, go try it out for FREE on a project today. Let us know what you think…


I have recently discovered an app on my iPhone that I downloaded months ago but never really looked at before. It got shuffled into a grouping that hid in the shadows of the fifth screen of my phone. I logged in and browsed the available groups in my area. I joined a few that looked interesting and followed them a couple weeks. Today, I ventured out and attended my first Meetup.

The group is called Ignite Tech. They are a small group of business owners, startup gurus, and just others with ideas looking for a way to bring their ideas to market.

One gentleman in the group pitched his idea on crowd sourcing. It was an interesting idea and the feedback from the group was quick and on point. There was a lot of open sharing in this group. I won’t go into details of the ideas for obvious reasons but I would encourage you to check one out if you have not already.

I am going to put together a pitch for next month and see what feedback I can get from my new found friends. I hope to get points on marketing and sales as I have little experience in those areas.

What face-to-face collaboration have you had when working through your ideas?

Can you explain your idea on a napkin in less than two minutes?

The Circus Life of a Business Owner

This is a great write up on the complications of being a business owner.

Sutton Creative Studios

Travel and Laughter by W. TiptonClient phone calls, vendor emails, prospective client meetings, networking gatherings, training seminars, and strategy sessions… This is just a portion of the circus life of a business owner. With so many tasks to be accomplished, finding time to actually work can feel like a clown juggling 15 flaming torches at once. How do you actually focus on one task without all the rest falling down around you?

Just like in the circus, you can’t get to the main event in your business without partaking in all the sideshows. While they may seem trivial and cumbersome, the tasks accomplished during the perilous walk across the tightrope can make or break your business. Because of this, it’s important to not miss a step along the way.

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Getting Organized

Now that things are under way in the development arena, I need to get things organized throughout the whole company. I am working on the marketing plan, as well as updating my original business plan. These things are always under review and I am not limited by them, they are more outlines to keep me on track.

Prior to even starting work on 2tasks, I focused on my personal finance plan. There is going to be a large impact going from working for a company full time with my benefits, retirement, payroll, and other things that were just taken care of by my boss. This will not be the case when I venture out on my own. It took my nearly a year to get financially ready to make a go of it. If you need help in this area, Financial Peace University may be a help to you. This class will cost you some money up front, however, it can help you manage your finances the right way if you follow the guidelines Dave Ramsey presents.

I have also been focusing on my health. I get up around 5:30 AM, brush my teeth, then go to the gym. I workout for 30 minutes, return home, and shower shave, have breakfast, read the paper, then get to work. This allows me to focus on me, before my wife is up and about and I am never waiting around in the gym for the equipment I want to use. This is also the time I spend thinking out what I want to accomplish throughout the day. I get more done in the mornings than I do in the evenings. Knowing this I load the morning down with the most important tasks first.

What things do you do in the morning that could impact your entire day? What could you do differently to maximize your return on the time you use each morning?

The Start of it all…

I have never started a successful business before. I have began many businesses but self doubt and a lack of confidence has always prevailed. I have several friends who are entrepreneurs , with varying levels of success. My father was one for most of my life. It was his experience that makes me excited and wary of starting my own business.

I have always loved the idea of starting my own business and calling all of the shots. I do not like to rely on others for my success and failure in life. I am not a believer that one learns from their mistakes. I prefer to think that with proper planning and forethought the errors would not have been made in the first place. This leads to over-thinking obvious solutions to bring to the market place.

Time will tell as I set out once again with a goal to start an online management center that will transform the way small businesses operate. There is plenty of competition in this market already, however, I have yet to find one that seems to work in differing organizations like manufacturing, construction, day care, or any other industry you can imagine. I will accomplish this by talking with business owners of all types and understanding their frustrations with their current software solutions.

To add to the complexity of my new business, I will spend no more than $1000 to get it up and going and make $50,000 profit in the first 12 months of operation. I will use this blog to track my activities and show you the reader that not only can it be done, but a simple guy with nothing more than a five year old laptop and determination will make it possible. Why do I anticipate to make $50,000 you ask? That is the amount I will need to quit my current job and run my business full time from my house.

I will utilize my contacts from over the years to acquire server space, development and graphical interfaces. I have a bit of knowledge in web development from previous ventures that I did not follow through on. This time will be different as I am ready for a change in how work is done and to prove that my software will make it possible for others to follow suit.

I will also cover other topics in the blog, such as family life balance, and anything else that I see necessary to share with others that may or may not assist them in their ventures.

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